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dfgSeveral years ago I arrived on the doorstep of Dr. Hansen's clinic in severe pain and unable to walk without help. Apparently the disc in my lower back, that had been operated on 15 years previously, had collapsed. It was very painful! We had no medical insurance and I didn't want to go through spinal surgery again. Going on the DRX machine seemed like a much better alternative.
The first time on the machine was a bit strange, but after that I did what most people do during that time--napped! I needed more treatments than is usual but eventually I improved. Now I can do my normal activities (housework, gardening, walking, etc.) mostly without pain, and I am very thankful! I think the DRX machine works miracles! Everyone at the clinic is so kind that they make the whole experience pleasant.

- Hulda R

dfgWhen I received the new that I had two fairly severe degenerated discs in my neck, I was shocked and dismayed. The X-rays showed barely a thin line between vertebrae C5 and C6, and C6 and C7. No wonder my left arm and hand were numb. Also I experienced numbness across the bridge of my nose, I did not want to have any sort of surgery. Terry Hansen and staff made it possible for me to have my problem corrected in a safe and completely painless way. After four treatments on the DRX machine I noticed a difference. All told I received 25 treatments, all painless and relaxing. The friendly and capable "crew" were the icing on the cake!

- Jodee Z

dfgHi, I want to share with you that 18 months ago I had to lay on the floor to work on my taxes. My back was in such pain, it went down my legs and into my feet. I couldn't sit because it cut off the nerves to my legs even more. I was told that the best vehicle to drive was my truck and the seat had to be reclined as far back as possible and still be able to see the road and drive safely. I also went to meetings and knelt at the table because sitting was too painful. I did as much of my business and paperwork standing at the counter, it was a rare occasion if I could sit.

Since my Spinal Decompression Therapy, I now sit to do my business work, driving is in the normal position, I sit in church, at meetings, and most every place that one would sit.

I hope that you can get the relief I have.

Donna Pikl

dfgMy name is Nancy S.; I had many issues with my neck over the years. I have tried other treatments, but Dr. Hansen determined that I might have a bone spur in my neck down the road, which would most likely cause me pain. In order to prevent this, I opted to do the DRX Spinal Decompression and take the proactive approach. This process took many weeks to go through on the DRX machine, which was gentle and painless. I would say that it was like having your neck massaged for an hour; it felt wonderful. Dr. Hansen's technician explained that is was like being in traction, but less painful.  Each week the machine slowly pulled more on my neck and I felt the exuberating feeling when I went home. I followed their instructions to the T and at the end of the DRX Spinal Decompression I felt like a different person. For the next several months I was monitored with great results. This whole process has changed my life. Today I am a different person and I feel that the whole experience was one of the best experiences I have done for me. I cannot thank Dr. Hansen and his Staff enough for all of their care/support and I would recommend the DRX Spinal Decompression to anyone who has chronic pain and wants relief. "THIS WORKS!" The fact of the matter is, that my health has changed 100%. I am a new me and I am loving life!!

- Nancy S

I have been a long-term sufferer of lower back pain. Obviously, I was skeptical that a machine could create a condition similar to weightlessness or that it could in fact expand the compressed disks in my back. As the painless treatments progressed I began to wonder if they were doing anything, but did notice relief of aches that I had in my upper back and neck. Then the pain in my lower back began to subside. At the end of the treatments I still had some minor irritation that finally did subside after a few more days. It has been a month now and I am still hoping it lasts.

- Robert L.

For several years I had serious back pain that also radiated down my leg. I had seen 3 doctors and had been diagnosed with a bulging disk.
    I tried different treatments; steroid and cortisone shots and anti-inflammatories, but none of them worked for very long.
    I wanted to be pain-free, so when I read about Dr. Hansen in the newspaper I was hopeful. I called and received information within the week. Even though I was skeptical at first, decided to take a chance and was able to make an appointment right away.
    After my initial consultation, it was determined that I was a good candidate for treatment with the DRX. Everyone that I worked with was friendly, gentle and knowledgeable.
I had 20 treatments over the course of a month. At the end of one month I was feeling great! The back pain (and leg pain) was gone.
    The treatment was pain-free and relaxing. I would definitely recommend the DRX.

- Elaine L. Z.

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